Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So at the end of 23 Things what have I seen/learned/inwardly digested? While not a digital native, I was familiar with most of the aspects of what we touched on. I'm not living my personal/professional life on the web, in 2.0 or lower, as some are but it was helpful to flit around Rollyo, blogging, etc. Now if I can just get past the next 60 minutes of the 24th thing.....

Monday, August 27, 2007

downloading e-audio

At last the impetus to download a book to my MP3. I have been using it, but listening to radio when I go out walking early in the morning. However, I can't download to my linux computer, so I'll try it at home. The Maryland Overdrive site was visually more appealing, but frustrating because there were so few "copies" of titles available of items in which I was interested. The NetLibrary site did have copies available albeit, many in the public domain.

doing it well or not

In searching out podcasts using Podcast Alley I looked for Episcopal things. I found a podcast for the Church of the Holy Cross in Sullivan's Island, SC. I've attended services there so subscribed in my Google Reader account. However, the most recent sermon posted is for May of 2006. I then saw an entry for Christ Church, Alexandria, but that was for a video which didn't play on my computer. But, aha!, I remember that the Washington National Cathedral already sent me podcasts weekly. There's a very nice introduction of the preacher as well as a brief intro of the Cathedral. Well done!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

YouTube and librarians

While the original March of the Librarians was quite good, the sequel, Grand March of the Librarians definitely makes one want to work out and diet!



is a visual version of what our customers come in and ask for. "Well, it's red and the main character really likes cats, but it's not really a mystery...."


The trickiest part was not getting the right answer...

Google Docs (and other web presences)

I have used Google docs in the past with mixed success. I think I'm still a thumb drive kinda person. However I am very excited about our DeskNow application we are using now. Still a neophyte, but it will be great to not be chained to one machine to get to my stuff.

Play in the sand

So while playing in the Maryland sandbox I saw many people posting about favorites. Below is a link to my blog sharing a favorite.